Okay, right off the bat I'll admit I'm a newb in terms of having to fix a notebook computer but this morning when I tried turning on my gateway it gave me an error message saying to check fan 2. I hoped it was just being tempermental and I shut it off for the day. Nope still doing it. I called Gateway to see about replacement they told me it's fairly simple to do and they could get it done for 50 to ship it both ways and 200 for parts & labor. Nah 250 for something that's simple to do. No thanks. So now I'm faced with either taking it to a local BestBuy for however much they'll charge or attempting to do it myself but I'm hoping to get an overview of exactly what I'm doing before I even attempt to crack open the notebook. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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$250. to change a $5.00 fan????? Did you ask them to call you back when they were off crack?

These instructions are for accessing the RAM, but will also give you access to the fans.

If you know how to use a volt meter check to be sure that there is voltage going to the fan that is not working. If you have voltage and the fan doesn't run the fun begins. You biggest problem here is going to be either getting gateway to sell you a fan or matching one up that will fit your specs.

Let us know how you are making out.

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