My Father and I own a videography business in South Florida.
Lately, we've run into 2 problems with one of our computers. We have two computers in our office, both of which we use for work. They were built together, so the parts inside are exactly the same.

A few days ago, we formatted the computer that we are currently having trouble with. After reinistalling Windows XP (Home edition,) and our computer's proper drivers, we ran into the 2 following problems:

1. Pressing the power button on the computer after we shut it down, doesn't power the computer up. Instead, we have to take the computer's power cable and remove it from the wall's AC several times before it starts up again. This isn't that much of problem, although i'm worried that it might cause something worse to occur in the long run.

2. Our DVD Drive, which is the same in both computer's, is no longer able to read DVD's in the troubled computer. After testing the drive several times, we have found that the DVD Drive is now only able to read CD's, but not DVD's. Checking the BIOS and troubleshooting the DVD-Drive didn't turn up anything. Putting any dvd into the drive, gives us a blank sceen when we open the drive in the "My Computer" menu.

The following is a description of our computer setup (the other identical one never gave us any trouble):

Customized (no manufacturer, i.e. Dell, Gateway)

- 2 Hard Drivers (each 250 GB, for a total of 500 GB)
- 4-512 DDR 400 MHZ PC3200 Kingston
- Intel P4 3.2E (1M) 800 MHZ
- ATX M1H-7103H Blue w500W Case
- ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe MBOARd
- P. Color ATI Radeon 9800-256 MB
- On Board Sound
- On Board Network
- Liteon-1633-16x Double Layer (Beigebox)

Thank you,
Warmest Regards,
Stanley Sandler

I'd check psu

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