Im about to start building my 1st PC, I have good PC knowledge however im just a little confused about my fan set up.

This is the system i will be running

-Aerocool Coolview case


-HIPER 580W type R PSU
-ASUS P5B deluxe wifi-ap motherboard


My problem is that the case will be running 6 fans (5 case and 1 CPU)
The motherboard itself can connect to all the fans (each having its own 3pin slot, except for CPU which is 4pin)
The case can control upto 4 fans
Nearly all the case fans have 4 pin molex connectors

SO THE BIG QUESTION IS, how do i connect all the fans up so i can control 4 of the fans from the case and the other 2 from a program in the OS?

Do i need to convert all the 4pin molex connectors to 3 pins?

Also might be a silly question, but each fan has a male AND female 4 pin molex, is this to link close fans together instead of wasting seperate power connectors?

Sorry if im being abit of a noob, Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on the matter.

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In relation to the first question:

I did it by buying one of those fan speed dial thingys that fits in a floppy bay. When you twiddle the dials its basically a variable resistro so reduces the voltage and thus speed of any fans connected to it

The point of the dual male/female connectors is so that you put it between your motherboard and the disk drives so that you dont waste connections

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