I have herd that AMD is a great CPU but i still have my doubts. This should be a good thread to see what you guys think.
Consider overclocking, over heating etc.

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AMD used to be inferior to Intel, but not so anymore. I would say that they're evenly matched these days. Of course, I don't overclock, so I can't help you there.

I have both a computer with intel and one with AMD. I like the AMD one better even though it is slower than the Intel one. It is more of a preference than who is better.

SCREW PENTIUM!!!! unless your pockets are bulging with money, those P4s are just way to overpriced. your paying for a name, not performance.

dont get me wrong, p4s do perform, and they have their benifits, but for the same price you can get a much better AMD...(not including the AMD 64s)

they are both good processors, but one just happens to cost way to much, and again im not to partial to intel (besides the one thats in my laptop...) :-D

Lets just say if you ruin your processor somehow...it's a lot easier to replace an AMD than it is a P4...and they both perform up to par.

AMD is hotter tho...but a nice heatsink never hurt anyone!

Which AMD processor? There are several completely different types. Which Pentium? Again there are several different types.

With the current 'best of' - the Athlon64 or Athlon FX, and the Pentium 4 or Pentium 4EE, the AMD beats the Pentium equivalents for both performace and heat related issues!

I love my AMD 64 3400+ like they said, a good HS never hurt anyone. And it performs great, all the benchmarks i've seen put it at gaming better than the pentiums that cost much more. So, bang for the buck, I'd say AMD all the way. This is the 5th AMD I've built in all.

I have a 3400+ and a Pentium 4 2.8GHz.
Out of the two, I find the 3400+ to be better in all respects, and not only because it is faster.
The 3400+ runs cooler and is much better for overclocking.
It responds well to low fsb/low latency ram, which means I can keep my ram timings running tight, as opposed to the Pentium which needs high fsb to get similar results.
Admittedly, my motherboard for the Pentium isn't great, but I got the setup for free so I couldn't complain.
Pricewise, the AMD wins everytime, which leaves me more money to spend on other important gear like quality ram, psu, and a decent motherboard.

Your performance comparison there is an unfair one, szukalski. The 3400+ is a competitor to the 3.4GHz Pentium, not the 2.8Ghz model.

Yeah, I wasn't intending to imply that I was comparing the two directly. The 3400+ is going to wipe the floor with the 2.8 every time. Sorry about the ambiguity, they're just the two machines I have that are relevant to this thread.
I work with mainly Pentiums at work, and find them to be adequate machines, but at the present time, AMD are ruling the cpu roost not only in performance, but also in price. They are cheaper, overclock in better ways, and run cooler than their Intel counterparts.
Another thing to consider is that Intel can support DDR2 ram, whereas AMD are still using DDR ram. Probably not an issue, but a thought nonetheless.
For me, the biggest selling point is that the AMD64's have an onboard memory controller which means that you can run very tight ram timings (2-2-2-5) and this will show up in performance, as well as the fact that the chipset doesn't need active cooling at high fsb.


i have never owned a Pentium before, and to be honest i dont think that i ever will unless something happens to AMD, all my PC systems have AMD inside from Sempron up to Athlon 64, like others have said its a fact that AMD are cheaper than Intel and i personally reckon that u get alot more for your money with an AMD.

i had a pentium 4 1.3 which was ok, now i have a fx-55 (yeah i know biggggggg difference).
i have to agree the amd's are better value for the standard chips and seem more user friendly regarding compatibility (unless you go for something like mine then it can be loads of money1)
It can be safe to say take guidance from the massive of self builders out there,
they've been down this road a million times made a million mistakes and found the best of the bunch to have.
If most self builders go for AMD then you can be sure to feel safe following their paths.
but most of all if your gonna build you're own set-up which everyone will agree is the best way to do it, (far better then buying a pre-built from some overpriced coporate cash in company with bad retail and aftersales assitance).
follow these rules (well you don't have to but i do)
1, research (check the products details from as many sites as you can including reviews about it and peoples opinions)

2, take you time, (dont rush into forking out lots of money without knowing you have the right part for your needs

3, ask around (which you've already done so thats a good start)

4,research (always keep checking news and updates on anything you have your eye on, you never know!)

but most of all go with your gut feelings

No compatition INTEL has the most power...but if you want the most power for you buck got with AMD

At this specific point in time, Ignite, the only way in which new Intel processors have more 'power' than their 'equivalents' from AMD is that they run hotter. The AMD rivals outperform them.

As new models are introduced, that may change, and Intel may again regain the 'edge', but let's accept current realities, shall we?

I over clock my old Celeron processor for a few years now and still ALIVE. So, I believe no problem to over clock Pentium CPU.

I believe no comparison is possible between old Pentium and new Pentium, especially when opinion is based on personal experience with old Celeron!


AMD all the way!!!! I have personally had so many problems with Intel! Its AMD all the way! if you want alot of bang for your buck i would defanitly go with AMD plus intel costs way too much even tho if AMD shot up in price I would still buy them just because the are better and faster in all of my computing needs.

Sorry what is AMD...............Never have never will

OK that’s a lie, I had one years ago a k6 2 400mhz and it was useless compared to a Pentium 300mhz.When using Music software like reason and Cubase so "AMD" (ALL MOST DEAD) can never be in one of my machines.
Although I would build an AMD system for some body that is just doing basic web browsing cd burning and word processing.

I use Cubase and don't have any issues with my AMD.


I use Cubase and don't have any issues with my AMD

NOTE I HAD A "AMD K6-4 400mhz" which was years ago if you have this model :o then U should upgade

it was then I decided never to use AMD again as PENTIUM's ran Music Production software better.

AMD is more of a gamers PC...... hence (ALL MOST DEAD) or (ALL MUST DIE) you lose game over :cheesy:

But that is my personal opinion

I now no longer use Cubase Instead I use SONAR and REASON REWIRED at the same time, on a P4 system in my studio or on my P4 laptop plus built the missus a P4 and have another P4 sitting around just in case. POINT BEING no AMD's ere mate :p

"go intel go intel go intel" come on sing it


ballies, fanboism isn't of any use whatsoever in a discussion topic such as this. You are basing an opinion of current technology on your experience with technology which has long since been superceded! That's rather silly, don't you think, and a pointless contribution to make here.

zach_boyce, your contribution borders on being 'fanboism' as well, although you make the valid point of relative cost. But remember, Pentium processors have become more affordable of late, and for both AMD and Intel, the 'top of the line FX and EE processors are hugely overpriced! Both companies have pricing policies which warrant close inspection ;)

For a discussion such as this, the only real issues which deserve comment and comparison are price, performance, reliability, applicability and other such factors. If you make your distinction like it was a fashion choice, we aren't really interested!

you know Intel has its own problems too. But for your concern those buggs have been worked out except for those hyper threaders have some MAJOR problems of there own, where as AMD is a stable baseline prossessor the faults the AMD k6 were recontroled by the introduction of the t-birds giving AMD there stability and over all perfomance over intel now with the introduction of the AMD 64 the question is can intel stand up,in both stability and dependability

I have a variety of pcs. None of which I am willing to give up and I have no real preference of AMD over Intel (although I do have preferences for my setups).
I have a PIII-500 and a PIII 1GHz which I never plan to retire.
Old pcs are the "insert expletive here".
I wish I had a K6 as well..

c'mon you know you like AMD better

I like the current AMD's due to their better architecture but I like older Pentiums.

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Amd 64 is not a hotter processor. The new 90nm run much cooler than intel.

Even if AMD is hot Intel is too have you ever heard of a heatsink or a fan? :cheesy: :twisted:

Even if AMD is hot Intel is too have you ever heard of a heatsink or a fan? :cheesy: :twisted:

W0W DOOD! OMG U R S000000zero RITE!

Come on, man, let's be reasonable here. We've at least gotten past saying that current AMD/Intel systems suck because their 7-8 year old equivalents sucked, let's at least get to outlining why you like a certain chip, rather than ridicule others for not liking your chosen chip.

I happen to be an AMD fan myself, but that's because I'm a broke son of a gun. Personally, I don't really care that one chip will get you 5 more FPS in Doom 3, so long as it's not freezing, and there's not a pile of molten ceramic/silicon at the bottom of my case! :cheesy:

W0W DOOD! OMG U R S000000zero RITE!

And the rest.
Well said, I don't see any problem in having a cpu from either company as long as you can do what you want.

I'd go with both personally...
Recent Pentiums are workhorses, they are like oxes they go at a specific speed not much changes until you get the added advantage of multiplier changes 3.4ghz and onwards, anyway, they are good for computing (making calculations).

Recent high end AMD's seem to appeal to gamers i have no problem with that but it does limit there power somewhat. There like birds they go really quick but cant carry alot of wieght.

I dont like taking sides on this issue they are both very reasonable CPU's an very good in thier fields. In my view they shouldnt be compared at all... they are so different they are built from two different manufacters!!

I run 2 Athlon MP's and a P4 prescott. I'd say I like the Pentium better because I've had less compatibilty issues with it when running games. Also, my room temperature is much lower while running only the pentium. If I wasn't into playing and making games, I'd stick with my Athlons. I overclocked my P4 2.8e to 3.0 and it ran stable for days without any reboots, running on an Asus board. Haven't tried overclocking Athlons because of the high temperature they already run at. My Athlon MP setup would run 20 degrees warmer than the Pentium system, possibly something to consider.

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