I have an AMD Athlon 64 3200+, and I was just wondering how many people actually overlcock their cpus. I've overclocked a couple before.. but only by about 15-20%. My motherboard has a really easy jumperfree configuration, which makes overclocking simple. But before I overclocked anything, I just wanted to know if anyone actually thought it helped much? Does it have a long-term affect on the processor?

If you wouldn't mind posting your processor, the percentage you overclocked it, and its effect, please do so!


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The days of overclocking and really getting noticeable results are long gone. Back when you could take a Celeron 300 or 400 and basically make it perform as a 600 or 700 MHz Pentium 3, it was worth it. Now, getting even a few hundred more MHz is worthless like squeezing a drop of water out of a rag in hopes of quenching your thirst.

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