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Attempted system repair after getting the dreaded 'disk read error' on start-up. Chkdsk /r (NTFS) tells me I have one or more unrecoverable problems. Do I though?

Have you any experience of this and can I still recover with the right programme? I can still enter setup screen on laptop and see the HDD listed and my HDD seems to spin.

Alternatively, where can I buy a good quality hammer?

Cheers all , Steve

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If you know what the make of the hdd is you can go to the manufacturers web site and download their diagnostic tool. Most of these will have you download this to a hdd and then make a foppy to boot from. If your laptop doesn't have a floppy you should be able to make a bootable CD with a utility like Nero. You will need to make the CD-ROM the first item in the boot order to use it.


Such kind of error are usually logical errors and if there is some important data, you can use some software to find your data back, just search in google, you will have a lot of choices.

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