It shuts down when I click on start.Bios opens and then hangs and I can only exit bios by switching off.Thanks.:S

Does you computer go directly to the BIOS without going through the POST?

While you're in the BIOS can you navigate with the enter, up/down, esc, +/- keys?

Can you exit it by pressing F10,Y, and enter?

No I entered the Bios to have a look at the version but I can do nothing in the bios.It opens first page and nothing else but the only way to exit is to power down.

So what happens when you turn on the computer and don't access the BIOS?

It might help if you provide us with some specs.

Have you recently flashed the BIOS.

How old is this machine, if it is more than a couple of years old it may be worth trying a new CMOS battery.

Startup is normal but when I try to access programmes thru start-its powers down.
Its about 4 yrs. Cmos not very accessable I think its means removing MB.Thanks

The CMOS battery is mounted on the motherboard and you should be able to remove it from it. Four years is a long life span for that battery. If the battery is bad it won't keep your setting in the BIOS, if it is bad the date and time will not be accurate.

Have you tried getting into safe mode? If you can get into safe mode look in the event viewer and see what is showing up when it is shutting down.

What happens if you right click in the tool bar, does it shut down the computer as well? When the computer shuts down are there any LEDs or is it completely dead?

If you have a voltmeter see what the output of your power supply is.

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