Hi there,

I'm buying a new laptop & this guy's computer is Intell Celeron 1.13 Ghz which I don't understand.

Is it a PIII or P4?

His is a IBM Thinkpad R31, yet some of the stats are different than what I've been reading online.



Download SIW and it should tell you what the CPU is and answer most any other questions regarding what is there.

I don't have the computer, I'm thinking of buying it.

Have the owner do it, it's free and they can uninstall it easily after they're done.

The Mobile Celeron 1.13 GHz processor is the "little brother" to the Pentium 4 processor. In your case, it has a level 2 cache of 256k and a bus speed of 133 MHz. This processor came out in 2002 so its a few years old.

The Mobile Pentium 4, 1.2 GHz, by contrast has a level 2 cache of 1MB and a 400 MHz bus speed. It also has a more transistors, meaning it is a better processor.

If you are getting a real low price, the processor speed or type shouldn't matter though.

Yeah, celerons are neither. There cut down (have less cache memory) pentiums. AMD have similar ones called Semperons and turions which is a cut down athlon.

Celerons and Semprons are slower than thier little brothers but are fine for office tasks / internet etc...

If you get the choice of a pentium 4 or a Celeron for a laptop get the celeron. It usually runs cooler and is cheaper. If its within your budget though, get a Core Duo or even better a Core 2 Duo.

Thanks guys :)

Ok, so is that a good price for that IBM then?

Is the Dell any better?

Thanks :)


Um, which IBM and Dell?
You havent provided any links or details?

You want at least 512mb of ram, 1gb is much better

If its vista get home premium or better. Dont get home basec. Its rubbish.

Don't bother with Vista until after at least the first service pack.

Yes. But dont get xp home, get media centre or pro if you can as it enables you to upgrade to a better version of vista.

Hmm, my other thread seems to have disappeared. That had all the details. Here they area again. Sorry about that.
This one is $339

Great IBM Thinkpad R31 with everything you'll need.Super Fast!

Genuine IBM DVD ROM drive,

DVD Equipped with software Installed and ready to play DVD Movies.

CD-RW drive : Make your own Audio or Video CD and play in your TV or other media player.Burn your documents or pictures.


Microsoft Office XP software and AVG Antivirus installed too.

INTERNET READY with two ways to connect to the Internet.

1. Integrated 10/100 Ethernet for DSL or Cable Modem Connections.
2. Integrated 56K Modem for Common Telephone line Connections.

Both are configured with drivers Installed and Ready to surf the Internet right out of the box.

It comes complete with the AC Power Adapter and working battery charges fine.

IBM quality built with Style and Power to be constantly used with unsurpassed reliability.



Processor : Pentium Celeron 1.13 Ghz.

System Memory: 256 MB !!! (upgrated from 128MB )

Hard Drive: HUGE 20 GB. (upgrated from 12GB)

56K Modem for telephone line Internet Connections.
10/100 Ethernet for DSL or Cable Modem Internet Connections.

2 USB Ports: For External Devices hook up such as Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras and more...
Pointing Device: Integrated Track Point.
EXTERNAL SOUND with headphone and microphone Jacks.

PCMCIA PORT for wireless cards, modems and more.
PRINTER PORT for printer hookup.
S VIDEO OUT PORT for TV hook up

Softwares :

Windows XP Professional SP2

MS Office XP is installed and Includes Access, Excel, Front Page, Outlook, Power Point, Word .

AVG Antivirus is installed and up to day to guard and protect the Laptop.

InterDVD software to play DVD movies or other Audio files.

Adobe Acrobat reader 7.0.7 for reading PDF files

! ! NO TAX ! ! !

Plus ! ! ! BONUS !!! :

Brand New Targus Laptop Bag ( 45$ price in the store).


His is $490.

dell 100L
silver laptop
celeron 2.4
dvd rom
512mb ram
20 gig hdd
14.1" screen
2x USB ports 2.0
builtin 10/100 wired
built in 10/100 wireless
ac adapter
good battery about 1.5 hours
windows xp is there to show u it works
great condition



I have an R30. Worst laptop ever. That R31 will be slow as hell with XP as well as its specs are not very good.

Check one thing though, ask the dell seller what "windows xp is there to show u it works" means - does that mean it comes with XP or that he has put XP on it for demonstration but you are not allowed to keep it? If so then dont buy it as its expensive to buy a fulll copy of XP or Vista (and the latter probably wont work on it)