hi there
i'm new here, so i'll appreciate a quick impressive answer!
i've bought a new D925XBC and a new DDR2 1G, to match my new PX7800GT,after i've fixed everything together...it did'nt work and by that i mean, everything showed like it's about to startup(fans etc.)
but thats it!nothing more!no beep no nothing!
so i thought it had something to do with the power supply (which was a 350) so a bought a new 500...but nothing different came from that...
i dont have a different card to verify that that is the problem...and i do hope it's not!
please help!!!

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Is this the first time that you have built your own system? Make sure all your parts are compatible.. processor, ram, video cards, etc..

Next, install only ONE component at a time. Take everything out.. Connect the mb to the psu and case power, and install processor and make sure the heatsink or w/e cooling device you have is plugged in or else your processor will fry. Then connect video card, ram, and hd. These are all the components you need to boot..


Thx for the reply

...stupid me...but the only thing i had to do is wait!

when i press the on butten, the fans start working, but not after 10-15 sec's the screen comes to life...
the (very big) problem is, the computer is very slow!!!
i tried a new clean install on a formated drive, but still it's very slow

it could be an overheat problem, but how can i verify that,and if so how can i fix the problem

a new board, a new processor...

any suggetions?please??

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