So I dropped my DSC-T1 camera on the way to Brazil :(, how crappy can a situation get. When I turned on the camera, the LCD display was inverted. However, the pictures would register on the memory card fine, so it has to be only the display. Can anyone suggest a way to fix this?

I have called sony and they told me to reset the camera, but that was obviously useless. Also, they charge way too much just to send it in and check whats wrong.

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LCD Screens have an inverter built into them. I know you can replace broken ones on laptop and desktop screens but i dont kow about cameras. My guess is that the small screen on it is all one unit, in which case you are out of luck.


I have in the past found that sometimes with digital cameras, if you unplug the power, and take out the batteries for at least 3-5 minutes, they will sometimes reset themselves. You do of coarse have to take out the mini backup battery as well, and be warned::::if you do this you will also lose any programmed information from you camera! Also be sure to backup your pictures that are saved on the internal memory as well. One more thing, before you try this, make sure you have your memory card pulled. Good luck!


Did you fixed your problem, my digital camera has the similar problem - please let me know the solution...

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