Currently i have a 1/2 year old Mesh;

Intel Pentium D CPU 3.40GHz
1Gb Ram
250gb Hard Drive
NVidia 7300 Gs (dnt laugh)

and i was hoping to improve my computer for better FPS and detail on games such as World of Warcraft, Everquest and Battlefield 2142.

Graphics card is main aspect i would like to improve, wasn't thinking of changing processor, got £300 bugget. links to where product is sold cheaply will be appreciated if u got to hand


not sure how to find what motherboard i have soz - im noob

Ive got a similar pc. Battlefield 2 runs on it on medium/low and i have a crappy ATI Radeon x600 so i think 2142 shoule be fine.

Best GFX card that is quite cheap (£80)
is the ATI radeon X1600XT which i got off a mate for £50! ~ uter bargin
You can try on Ebay for this card or on the cruical tech website

X1600 on crucial is £80ish

That what i said bennet

I'd say the ATI X1600. It's what I would go with considering your £300 buget.

you can get an x1950 for under £200

But its dual DVI which means fiddly connectors if you have a VGA monitor. The 1600 is both.