Omgsh Thank you soooo much now i can type with outhaving to hold down the Fn key while typing. Thank you Thank you and Thank you :)

If you have a thinkpad like myn the key combination for fnlock is:
Fn + Esc
hold down Fn then press Esc

Just hold fn and f11 key and its turn to normal.

i have a toshiba and nothing has still worked for me it's a satallite c55-A

awesome!!!! it literally made me go crazy before i could fix this

i had that problem... but i fixed it now ... just hold fn and verr num .. all things will go back to normal again

None of these worked for me, I have a lenovo without a numberlock key, on my keyboard, on the Esc key (top left) in small print (just like f1, f2 etc..) it says FnLk, which probably means Fn lock. To disable the Fn key from being lit/locked, hold down the Fn key and press the Esc key. That's the only thing that worked for me. this drove me crazy until I realized how to fix it! And I'm very computer-literate, these little windows issues always seem to pop up and you feel stupid when you find out how easy it is to fix lol

I ve a Vaio VPCCW2S1E 14"
it helped me
num + fn+ctrl together. pressed for 5 sec
thanx for everyone.

Hold the Ctrl and Fn key down together and press also the Ins(Num LK) key. This should revert the keys back as normal. Well it worked for me.

Thank you

The Fn key is always on in the sense your "NUMBER LOCK" is truned off.
By mistake sometimes you press "Fn + Num lk" which disables your default key functions and enables numbers instead.
Just turn on the Number lock by pressing "Fn + Num lk" and you are good to go...!!

If it is not working, Please go and sell it

just turn off (num LK) key

@Ccarol68 you are the Most Genius. Thanks

Computer shortcuts F1, F2 can't work properly, what's going on?

If it's a Dell (for example) pressing Fn-Esc toggles the function keys between standard windows (F1=Help) and Dell functions (F1=Mute).

I don't know what the Laptop function (fn) key is always on have.

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