Hey guys, just signed up because I don't really know what to do. That is why I though you might help me out.

Okay here is the problem: My PC tends to reboot while I am playing a game(Guild Wars in this case) It works fine for a few min and then reboots.

I read that overheating can cause problem like this so first thing I did was clean the fan, doing that solved the problem....for about a week. Today it happend again several times. I downloaded a temp monitor program (Speed Fan 4.32) to check the temp inside the PC.

Here is a screen:

Temp 2 seems to be weird because in 3 hours it did not change (even when I was doing nothing). The HD temp seems to be quite high but I got a friend who is always running it on that kinda temputure. (although I read on the internet that a normal temp is around 20-30 *C). One more thing Speedfan has is an HD monitor, but that turns out rather alright.

Here is a screen:

Anyways, hope you understand my problem.


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dont trust those fan monior things

I know, but they are better then nothing:rolleyes:


You could download a utility like Everest Home edtion, this will not show the rpm of the fans, but will mirror the temperatures shown in you BIOS. It will also show the live voltages that your BIOS is showing.


Motherboard and hdd temps are fine.
Try taking the side panel off your case and see if that helps, if it does then the problem is heat related.
If not, have you updated a driver recently? That can cause issues sometimes.


Have you changed any of your hardware settings recently? I've had faults in the power supply, or not having a high enough wattage, cause similar problems before.

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