I have a MAC G4 dual processor mirror front (downstairs in my home) and a G3 IBOOK white case that I would like to use wireless. I just purchased an Apple Original airport card on ebay for the laptop (not installed yet). I would like to network my computers and make them wireless. I am connected to the internet with a cable modem through Comcast Cable. I don't know whether or not my G4 is wireless ready (or if it has to be). I was looking at the Linksys Router G and the power booster G this afternoon at Target. I wasn't sure if it was the correct device for my computers. Please advise what I need to purchase. I am not sure how to connect it all and I will need help once I have made my purchase.

Also, when I install my airport card into my G3 laptop and take it to a WIFI hotspot, what do I have to do to get connected. Sorry to sound stupid---I'm more of a mixed media artist than a computer geek. Please help and don't judge :)
-Shari Schneider

First of all -- let me tell you what Airport looks like when a Mac is wireless-enabled (drat, external picture not showing! check attachment)

A default-configured Mac will have the icon circled above if it's wireless enabled. So, if you don't see this, it's pretty safe to say it doesn't have a card (unless the icon was disabled, but I'm assuming you didn't do this).

To setup your wireless internet, all you really need is a router. Simply plug the internet into the 'WAN' port on the router. Then you can configure it (note: many routers do not have wireless enabled by default, so you *may* need to hard-wire a connection between one of your Macs in order to setup the configuration). The setup process is relatively straightforward if you follow the instructions, so I won't go over that in too much detail.

Finally, to connect an Airport card to a wireless access point, click on the icon that I circled previously. A list of available wireless networks will appear, and click on the one that you wish to connect. Your Mac will prompt you for a password if necessary, and will attempt to connect.

If everything goes well, you'll see black bars in the icon, which means you've connected! Then all you have to do is open up a web browser and test the internet connection.

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