Alright, I bought the parts to build my girlfriend a computer.

Right now, I have the mobo mounted, and the cpu&heatsink installed.
The ram is in inplace, and I believe all the jumpers are confiured correctly.

The only thing about the jumpers is this...
This is how they look..

[ ][ ][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][ ][ ]

I followed the instruction manuel and installed it like so..

But, the "Power LED" has 3 connections, instead of 2 like the rest..
So I just put It like so...
[x][x][ ]

Leaving the last one open, since there where no more pins..

With this current configuration..
My fans all come on, the heatsink powers up.
Even my huge 250mm side fan powers up.

But, that's as far as it's going..

The mouse will not come on, the keyboard wont light up.
And there is no visual..

I'm so frusterated right now I need help before I snap.

If anyone has any suggestions please help me.

Also, the CD-Drive and the HDrive are mounted, but not connected.
I wanted to get the basics up and going before I plugged them in.

If anyone can help please post.


Hey Mass,
What is the make and model of your mobo?

Hey Mass,

The Power Led on the CPU casing lights up, during boot up?