My pc was working fine. Today I purchased two items. 1. more memory went from 512 to 1gig. The motherboard supports it. I installed the memory and we're still good. The other item purchased was an audio card. My son installed that for me. Now here's the problem. My pc will not start back up. I am lost! When the power button is turned on the light comes on a fan comes on...and that is all. It's not reading the memory and the monitor will not come on. Is it possible when my son installed the card a cable was knocked loose? I have tried to check all the connections. I am running xp pro. Any and all help welcome. Thanks in advance.

Have you tried removing the audio card?

i;m sorry i left that part out. yes i have removed the audio card.

make sure the memory is seated good and if that doesn't work take out the new stick you put in.

I have done that. I even put the old memory back in and nothing.

did you kill it with static?

Double check all of your connections.

i don't think it's dead. only because it does come on and i am getting a cmos error and then it shuts itself off.

what is the error message?

first, to be on the safe side, run the clear cmos routine (by shortcirquitting the Clear CMOS contacts on the MB).

after that go into the bios setup (usually by clicking del/f2) and reset everything to default.

The problem may be with the Hard disk. Check the hard disk connections.