Take a look here.

What this is actually saying is that, the 7 series does not support directX 10, but that the 7900 card is better for gaming than the 8500 card (and even a bit better/faster than the 8600 card)?

Why am I asking? Well, I'm planning on buying a new pc system 900 euros for the pc, without any perpherals. This is the pc I'm talking about. It seems quite okay, except for the videocard which I probably will have to upgrade to be able to play new games using DirectX 10 (am I correct there?).

So, any advice on this pc? Seems like a fair system to me.

New games need directx10 which only the 8 series suppiorts (Halo 3 is about the only one that is currently going to be directx10 but more will follow)

The 7 series however is cheaper and easier to cool and power and is fine for current games.

I would personally get the 7 series then upgrade to the 8 in a year or two.

You cant get directx10 unless you have Vista by the way.

Okay thanks, the pc I posted a link to has Vista with it. Will I run into any trouble with Vista, running my old programs on it? (I use office QuArK, and video games).

That page doesnt work for me?

And you shouldnt have a problem if your software is relatively modern (e.g dont expect old DOS games or win98 era apps to work).

That is a good deal. You should buy it.

how much price Dif is there between a 7900GT and a 8500GT?

the 8500 is a lot more

where i get my computer hardware i pay wholesale prices, the price of the 8500 GT is about $150 australian buks is that the shiz or is it the shit?

it would be more than that the 8500GT is over £150 here ($300)

negative (C-8), i went their yesterday, its a Dealer only shop and thats the price they have it for.