I have a weird problem with my Toshiba Satellite 2100 CDT. It sometime work good, but sometime it freeze (hang) when I work with it and can't do anything except I just reboot with slide the power.

After I reboot, the leds indicator (the power, monitor and the battery indicator) turn on to green light, but there is no picture on the screen at all. the hard disk indicator and CD-Rom indicator are no light at all.

It seem stop/stuck after the monitor indicator turn on to the green light. If I unplug the power, the monitor indicator still turn on, but still there is nothing on the screen.
On the normal situation, after the monitor indicator on then the hard disk and the CD-Rom indicator turn on to green light.

I have tried unplug the power, the battery, and the hard drive, but I still have this problem.

If I leave it and don't touch it for 1 day/2 days, and I boot it, it work good. But after a few hours it freeze again and can't reboot.

I dont know what problem, I hope you understand with my explaination and can help me solve this problem.

Thank you very much,


Hey Alex,

Are you getting any warning beeps?

It sounds as if your laptop may be overheating however due to the age of these laptops i do not think there is any way to check/change bios settings on this machine. So i would say that your comuter may be starting to get clogged up with age. I would suggest buying a Can on compressed air, taking the bottom off your laptop so that you can see the logic board and giving it a good dust with the compressed air and seeing if that makes any difference.

Otherwise i might say that your laptop might be about ready to pass on to silicon heaven.

There is no beep, but the fan run more often. I think it cause too old and must be changed to the new one :). Anyway, thank you for your reply.