Hey guys,
I too am having problems with text lines or any dark images on my screen being streaked across the display as a gray shadow. I had an older 17" CRT model through Gateway that is about 5 years old and just recently purchased a 17" TFT LCD monitor in hopes of alleviating this problem. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I've heard rumors about magnetic fields (my speakers are about 1 foot above my monitor) or possibly a video/graphics card problem. I tried both monitors on my friend's computer and both worked fine without streaks. Could the video card be the problem or something else? Thanks.

I have a similar question to all of these, but my lcd panel only experiences problems when first turned on. It will come on, and the entire screen is gray. Then, slowly, horizontal line by horizontal line, the display will become visible, as the lines seem to flash between colors, finally staying at the appropriate colors for the display. After about 5 minutes, all of the horizontal lines will have turned to the actual picture colors, and my computer is fully usable, and the problem does not recur again until the computer and monitor are turned off. I have even left the monitor power on with no computer input to see if it would happen, and when the computer was turned on, it happened again. To test the reverse, I have turned the monitor on without a computer connection, and it still happened. The video card is brand new andd the problem occurred with the old card as well as this new one. Do LCD's have a warm up period, and if so, why do my horizontal lines flicker like that every time I turn it on. Thanks for the help!

Once one of those flexible printed cables comes off, getting it back on is harder than the labors of Hercules.

Replacing the monitor is cheaper.

... Here's what I have suggested in the past, and it reportedly has helped in more than one case: monitor repairman that I am (or once was), it sounds like bad contacts between the driver electronics and the display itself. One relatively easy test for this problem is as follows:
With the unit on, gently grasp the left and right edges of the display. Gently twist the display (no more than a few ounces of pressure) as though you are wringing out a towel. See if the display flashes, changes, etc. This may even fix the problem by "wiping" the contacts of dirt or oxidation.

I have a Gateway Profile 3 (15in LCD all-in-1 PC), and there was a yellow vertical line on it. I found your discussion here and thought I would try out your advice. Since I couldn't twist the display, I pressed firmly on different parts of the LCD, being careful not to damage it. After a while a magenta vertical line appeard. I was able to keep pressing and it went away, so I figured you were correct, that some contacts were bad in the dispaly. I took everything apart, and removed the frame from around the LCD. I pressed on the contacts at the top of the display, reconnected the LCD, and the yellow vertical line was gone! :cheesy: I re-attached the frame, put the PC back together, and the LCD has been working fine ever since. So thanks for your help TallCool1!

Same problem here. I have BENQ 32" LCD TV that I use for my computer. I got 2 like dirty vertical lines and splashes around the right side of the screen. Ill just call teh shop and see if they are up for a replacement for a 1800$ monitor...

i was replacing lcd of samsung monte as it was broken bt still it was working bt while replacing it dont know what happend now the same lcd is not responding an even the new one give me the solution plzzz

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