I'm looking to put together a new system, and the ASUS motherboards will support up to 1333 Mhz RAM. That's a little crazy b/c the current quad cores only run at 1066 FSB. but the PENRYN series that's supposed to come out at the end of this year will support 1333. So, I'd like to get the fastest RAM possible, AND as much as possible. It seems that I have an options of a luxury sedan or a sports car. i.e. 8Gb @ 600Mhz or 2-4 Gb @ 1066. I can't even find RAM at 1333 speeds, except on German websites.

So... in order to build a killer system that I won't need to upgrade for at least a couple years (preferably 3-4), which is a better choice? they seem to be about the same in price... Ideally, (and I'd be willing to pay $$$ for it) is there anywhere to get large fast RAM?

Also, is there a way to test the RAM once I have it? If I order something, I want to make sure it runs at the speed advertised. ... Can I check speeds through the BIOS?

Thanks, I know it's alot to answer...

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dont get 8gb. Windows (with the exception of server 2003) cant handle over 4gb properley so it isnt used to its full potential.

If you want 8gig to run smoothly ~ Linux is ur only answer!
Otherwise 2 to 4 Gb is ample for most tasks using windows versions.
Vista requires a minimum of 1 Gb to even run!

The best place to buy RAM is on crucial tecnologys website (often advertised on here).

i dont know who to test the speed of the RAM, probably a little program for it.

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