hiya, as you may have found out i am having a little problem with my keyboard. the "at" botton is just not working!! instead of the "at" sign coming up this comes up ' ....can anyone help???

Clean up it with some vaccum cleaner. copy @ from here and keep in your notepad.

here's a thought are you using the SHIFT key
Sorry I had to ask

(SHIFT + @)

Also you may want to check the Keyboard language settings

Control Panel > Regional and Language Options.
Language "tab"
Details "button"

Check its the right input Language.....

I am also having same problem, My first keyboard was also giving same problem (giving effect of right click on pressing spacebar, acting as alt+w on only pressing w). It worked fine for week after some days keeping it aside, then again giving that problem.

Anyone knows the problem?

Have you tryed running a virus scan?

i had the same problem once. i think that fixed it.

But the other keyboard is working fine. & also that (old) keyboard works fine for about week after some days keeping it unused.