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Is this is a Windows or Linux server?

If it is Windows, you can use Speedfan to create an event that will execute a program with specified parameters. You could use this to execute a script that would send an email message.

It it is a Linux system, I would have to look around.

Does this system have an overheating issue? If you know it gets too hot, it would be better to just properly thermally cool it.


Yes its a Windows 2000 system, there isnt an issue with overheating its just that software like that would be useful.


Since you have Windows, give Speedfan a try. It's a great piece of software and should be able to do what you are wanting without too much hassle.

Another step you will need to do since this is a server is make a service that will start this program on boot. You can find out how to turn Speedfan into a service here.

If you have any more questions, just let me know.

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