Im so new join about 30 seconds ago and dont know if this is the right place to be posting this.

Im up creek without paddle!

im a tacher have school laptop - i dropped it in a puddle on friday!

I am ok with comps - dont get all the jargon but know my way round them n built up deadlaptop for my bf - so i decided to take laptop apart to try n dry it out - followed hp manual on net all ok until today when i took screens out n now although im 90% sure all the layers are back correctly (as they will only fit into the slots correctly one way round) when i boot it on i have no hp logo or school log on system lines going across my screen are vertical and i dont know what to do now. Any help would be appreciated as im goin to get my butt whipped otherwise. Thanks in advance


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Check the power/data cables are the correct way around. Some of them can fit both ways round in the sockets. Also dropping a laptop in a puddle isn't very good, so check that none of the capacitors have ruptured, or any connections between the circuit boards are not damaged.


If the screen is all scrambled and laptop otherwise works as usual, then it is most defintly poor connection between layers and slots. I'll take that by "layers" you mean the very thin see-trough cables. The layers are tricky to plug in. They tend to bend.
I suggest that you clean them up with contact cleaner spray (both layers and slots). Don't use alcohol because it can cause further damage.

I'm pretty sure that the mud from the puddle dried up in all the wrong places.


thanx will try cables round the other way - it all works fine on external monitor so its the screen .. when i said layers i meant the layer of the screen the transpaprent layers the filter film etc! only know that coz i looked it up - nay other ideas would be fab thanx

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