I'm trying to install an HP DeskJet640C printer and have the installation CD and instructions.

This is what it tells me before the prompts even come up to start installing and configuring. When I select to run the CD through the Run window, it says "This driver is not supported on Windows 2000." (I have XP, so who knows what that is).

When I connect it via USB it copies the files and then comes up with a prompt that says "There was a problem installing this hardware. An error occurred during the installation of this device. The RPC server is unavailable."

I've even tried going to the Printers and Faxes screen to Add A New Printer but it tells me "Operation could not be completed. The print spooler service is not running." What the hell is that?

I've installed printers before so I know it's not my own stupidity. I've also tried installing 2 other printers on this computer and have had much the same problem so surely it's not a problem with the printers.

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This error occurs because the Spooler service has not been started or has stopped working. To start the Spooler service, follow these steps:

I. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
II. Double-click Administrative Tools, and then click Services.
III. Double-click the Printer Spooler service, and then change the startup type to Automatic. This sets the Spooler service to start automatically when you restart the computer.
IV. If you want to start the spooler service immediately, click the Start button under the Service Status field.


also you may need an NT driver. The old DOS drivers arent compatible with NT4/Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista


Oh man! This is great! Guy40az, you helped me out a ton. That was exactly the problem, now my printer is up and running. Thanks a million!

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