hello all
i have an Emachines 500 is. it had wondows 98 se installed for about 7 yrs.this past spring i upgraded to windows XP.the main hard drive is 4gb in size. i had a tougfh time with all the updates and adding SP2 to the mix.i figured i would buy a secondary hard drive to add to the storage.I installed the new hard drve which is 230 gb in size and the same make as the old hard drive .both are Seagate and IDE.as of a month ago i installed video X control which as all of you know has a virus attatched to it.so in the whirl wind of trying to remove it .i also have norton antivirus but it didnt detect it.i thoroughly cleaned both hard drives, using a tool from Seagates downloads.i partitioned the bigger hard drive.to go back a little bit .i mirrored the bigger hard drive using Acronis Migrate easy 7 with windows XP PRO.the bigger hard drive at the time was labeled drive E.the system hard drive was labeled C.As i said before after the virus i cleaned both drives.but i tried to use the bigger drive to install windows XP pro. it gave me a "disk read error" message.so what i did is reinstall windows XP pro on the smaller disk and it worked.so as of now with all the updating with SP2 and norton antivirus and a few other apps i dont have much room left on my old hard drive.I again mirrored the new hard drive using migrate easy 7.But i cant get any files to move over to the bigger drive since i;m unsure of how to move all the udate from microsoft and norton to the bigger drive.I also thought if I changed the drive paths of the older drive C to the newer drive E.then I could set the record str8 but to no avail.I need alot of help as you can see .it may be simple for all of you but it 's rocket science to me.any ifo would be gratefully appreciated.ty for listening and your time.

why not just load the bare winxp and move it over ,then load norton and the updates after the move .
make sure both drives formated the same either fat32 or ntfs ,i suggest ntfs,load the small drive with xp then install the big drive as master and small drive as slave ,using the hardrive software copy the partition from the small to the big .

i bought the hard drive barebones with no software.and since i mirrored winxp on the newer drive ii did try to use it as the boot drive but got a "disk read error".