I want to build a dream system, one that will last years. I'll buy the components individually and build the computer myself, but I'm confused about deciding between components.

To give you an idea, I do not do heavy photo or video editing on my comptuer. I'm looking for the best gaming system I can build, with the best video graphics I can get. I also want a superfast computer which I won't have to replace for years. I'd rather make a large investment now and save on the future.

I don't know enough about computers to make the best decisions. I've read alot of articles on the internet, and used them to narrow down the best components for each category, but when it comes down to choosing between two great choices, I don't know what the right choice is.

I would appreciate any advice in helping me choose between the below choices, from people much more informed than me.

I'm split between the Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme QX6700 and the Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme X6800. The QX6700 is quad core, but do i really need that? It also has a larger cache (8mb L2) than the X6800 (4mb L2). Is it worth buying the quad-core, considering most applications or games wouldn't take advantage of it?

I just don't know what motherboard to take. I read that the 975 XBX2 (bad axe 2 motherboard) is the best, but is it? I don't know enough about motherboards to choose. I want to run Vista 64-bit on it.

Again I'm split, I don't know whats the best from among the following: (1) The NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX SLI. (2) XFX 7950 GX2 Quad SLI. (3) ATI X1900 CrossFire Edition (4) ATI Radeon X1950
I intend to get at least one 30 inch display, so I'll need a video card that can put out a resolution of 2560x1600 for up to 2 monitors.

Will I need to get a liquid cooling system for this sort of setup? What about a power source with higher wattage? Will it be necessary?

I'd appreciate any help in narrowing it down, I don't have the necessary knowledge to make the best choice. I know its alot, but if you can offer any advice on any of the above categories, or on anything else I need to consider to build the best system, please help.


Well I guess it is a tough question, but no one's biting :(

You don't have to answer all, advice on any of the categories would be much appricated

Hi, I would do it this way

Asus M2n32SLI Deluxe Mobo
Corsair Matched Memory at whatever size you can afford ( 16GB is supported by 64 bit OS only )
Xfx Geforce 8800gtx Graphics card

thats about as fast as your gonna need
to play anything
hope this helps

Hi cronus88,

I'm a die hard Athlon fan, but I have to agree that the Core 2 Duos are the hottest CPUs on the market at the moment. And that Intel board is good as well. The real question is what is your budget?

, one that will last years.

LOL that to funny !!

I will say if you search for the best to use and come down to 2 choices ,either one will do.

Thanks for the advice guys.

DCC lets assume there is no budget. I just want to buy the best, I want to buy something where I won't have to worry about upgrading or buying a new system for years.

Like Caperjack said...lol, technology moves way to fast for that to happen. The computer that I built four months ago is old technology now. Computers generally will stay usable without problems for three or four years, as long as you don't abuse it like overclocking it. About that point things are beginning to get tired and start failing. Then again I have a 1998 Compaq that just keeps chugging away. The CD-ROM sounds like it's sawing through the disc, but still works, go figure.

Having an unlimited budget is not always the answer, you can throw a gob of money into a machine that could be accomplished for much less. I'm a practical person who doesn't need the case with all the lights and LED displays, the modular PSU connectors, and I can get by just fine with my NEC DVD-RW rather than spend four times that for a Plextor. So I'm the wrong person to ask what I would build if money were no barrier.

mate its really this simple, go out and buy a copy of PCFormat, check out some of the killer rigs, and which components they have that make them so sick - i.e. 4x4 core, or Dominator w/c ram, put all the best bits together, and there u go! and if money isnt an option, w/c the whole thing. good luck!

hey good news guys, i've finally got the system set up:

ASUS Extreme Striker

Corsair Dominator 4 Gigs 1066 MHZ

Hard Drive:
2x150 Gig 10,000 RPM Western Digital

Intel QX6700 Core 2 Extreme

Power Supply:
Enermax Galaxy 1000w

Video Card:
2xNvidia GeForce 8800 GTX in SLi

Thermal Take Armor with built in Liquid Cooling.

Its the best setup I came up with. I'm going to overclock all the components, including the processor to hopefully over 3 GHz.

Any suggestions of things to change? thanks for any advice

well im doing the same thing and this is what ive got it down to
Currently the parts but the pricing and parts are as follows
Thermaltake Spedo Advance ($285.00)

Gigabyte GA-X48-DS5 M/b- 1600MHz FSB ($385.00)

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 ($495.00)

Toughpower QFan 750W (power supply) ($222.00)

Razer Lycosa Mirror Special Edition Keyboard ($79.95)

Razer Lachesis Mouse ($79.95)

Zalman CNPS9900 LED (Cooling)

kingston 4gig kit (2 x 2gig) PC2-8500 DDR2 1066 dual channel ram X2 ($151.00)
(8Gb total hopefully) (still looking around)

Creative Inspire M2600 2.1 setup (Sound system) ($45.00)

Leadtek GF9800GX2 PCI-E 1GB Video Card (2 in SLI)

Total $2584.90 probably wrong i have changed some things and havent recalculated

No screen chosen yet
not sure if i should go for liquid cooling or for fan plz help me out on this one

Right now is a bad time

In the next year or two the Core i7s will come down in price. They kick ass, but the bad news is they need a whole different motherboard and ram.


Make sure you get a big enough case if you want to fit a GX2. And a beefy PSU. And i dont think you can SLI two GX2s? As they are basically two cards each anyway?

4gb is fine. If you want 8gb get vista 64 bit (and not home basic)

Core2quads are cool but yeah most games wont use it to the fullest. personally i would just go for the highest end Core2duo you can find...

Well I would do it Different, I would go for the newest of the newest:

Intel Core i7 its unbeatable at the moment, I build 1 for a customer the other day...

He has:
DFI UT X58 Mainboard
Intel core i7 940 cpu
OCZ Tri-channel 6GB memory
2 XFX GTX-295's (which are replaseble for HD4870 x2 cause mainboard supports crossfirex as well as SLI)
Thermaltake thoughpower 1200w
3x WD Velociraptors 300gb
2x DVD Multi-writers
with a Thermalright ultra 120 extreme 1366rt cpu-coolingbloc with Arctic Silver 5 cooling paste

if needed I can post pictures here!

p.s. for the OC guys here... this mainboard with the 920cpu (2,6Ghz Stock) made 4.5Ghz with this coolingbloc and cause of the fact the i7 has hyperthreading on every core, Windows vista find that the i7 serie has 8 cores ;)

no, it means it has 8 logical CPUs, not 8 cores, strictly speaking.
And 6gb of RAM? why?

The core i7s are good but very expensive atm.

well it could be 3,6 or 12gb seeing the mainboard supports tripple channel

and you are right about the 8 logical cpu's, but funny that it shows