I acquired a Sony Vaio VGN-S150 laptop, and basically it was dropped onto a carpeted floor. Only problem now, is that it is very inconsistant when it comes to starting-up. For the most part, the power comes on, the hard drive and cooling fan start-up, but there's no sound or screen activity. I disassembled it to see if I could find something loose or damaged, and found nothing. I want to be sure it's working 100% before I put it back together. Another problem, when it DOES start-up, the image only occupies 2/3rds of the screen for whatever reason. Any suggestions?

You need a new screen but I think you can resize the screen resolution to make it viewable.

well, the person I got it from reloaded the ATI driver and it worked fine. I've done some video viewing when I can get it to start up, and the refresh rate is pretty sloppy. I would think it would just need a driver to fix the image. Also, why would the screen have any bearing on the computer not being able to start-up?

Is that so? How come your ati driver got lost when you dropped your computer on the carpeted floor? Like you said before, there was no screen activity and the image occupied only 2/3 of the screen. That's my basis.

What I gave was only an opinion and suggestions. I am glad it worked.