Sorry for a bad english I some hardware problem, hope you can help.
i have to write in detail to be clear for you !

Last week my computer was infected with some nasty Viruses.Due to that i got an Email through Outlook Express with a message "hey someone is coming to you!"Though i dont have internet connection at all.And my computer was infected because some CDs.

The same virus disable the Folder option in Control panel.
Then i try to install linus,which was corrupted.
now i getting a message before starting to windows or linus.

NTLDR error and says please press Alt+Ctrl+Del
Please let me know to fix it !

Thanks in advance.

oh sorry it is in a wrong thread.
can anyone put in right thread please ??

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it seems that your os had been corrupt, just back up the mportant info and data and reinstall your OS.

i have pc with windows xp os and when i install linux the message ntldr is missing press ctrl delete to restart windows. i just reisntall the operating system and it work.

to backup your data just slave your hard disk to another pc

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