I have a problem with my notebook (HP Pavilion zd8080). I usually close the lid (put the machine in hibernate) when I am finished working, when I return to start working (or playing) and open the lid and the machine will not start up, all the lights come on but the screen will remain black. I then have to hold down the power button for about 5 seconds to shut the machine off completely. I can then start the machine normally and continue without any problems till the next time I close the lid.

I ran the HDD check in the Phoenix BIOS and after about 80 seconds it gives me the code #1-07 Fail. I have ran this disc check in the past for the last couple years and always get the same resulting code.

I have also tried to contact HP regarding this but am unable to find anyone that speaks english well enough for me to understand.

I guess I am worried that I do not have too many more times of shutting the machine down before I get the dreaded "blue screen of death".

So in short, Please help me, this was an extremely expensive notebook when I purchased it, and it is faster then alot of machines I have seen before, has an excellent video card and is fast enough to play the most demanding game.


Hi, the hibernate issue that your machine doesn't work upon turning on, i suspect it could be a BIOS problem, try to check any BIOS updates for your notebook, secondly, try to check your OS it could be also a software issue, if you cannot find a customer service who can speak english well, i think you can e-mail any of your concern to HP...by the way, maybe you can get some info also from where you purchased your notebook, if it is still under warranty then let them handle your problem..