seems toshiba laptops are not so good.

I have the same problem and I tried all the tip suggested on here and it still did not work. I mess around for a while and It power up and this is what i did. un plug all power , remove battery from laptop. hold down power button for few second. Plug the power cable in first, wait few second for green light come on, plug in the battery and wait for it to recognize the battery and start charging it, wait for few second then hit the power button to turn it on. That is what I did, your luck may vary. Good luck

i have toshibha satalite laptop. on cold time it will not turn on, when we are blow some air that time it will work, any one can help me to clar this please.

Toshiba Satellite P25-S: No lights. No nothing.
Yesterday it shut down cold in middle of work. No lights. No nothing. I unplugged and plugged back in but noticed that sometimes the power light would flicker for split second. Ultimately, nothing. I've not quite seen this question in my scan of this forum. If laptop is revivable, please provide suggestions.

I just had this problem with mine, although it's luckily okay now, unplugging the power supply and battery for 10 seconds worked for me as well!

I have a Toshiba Sattelite Pro 660, when I swith it on I had a black screen with only the Toshiba on screen. I couldn't start the Recovery Mode it frooze too. After checking in on the Boot Menue to change to boot from CD it came up with this error: Operating System not found. I've tried a well established Boot disc, but even that freezes before the Repair tool comes on. Any ideas?

My laptop couldn't power up meaning that the power butten wouldn't turn on , but when plunging the AC adapter the batterie is charging.

my laptop has these sypmtoms - after turning on while power jack is connected, the power led lights on and the charger indicator is on, yet the cpu fan is not working. after about 5 seconds, all leds are out except the charger connection indicator. please help, i have already checked the adapter/charger and its ok.

I have a Satellite A200 that started shutting down intermittently, and more and more frequently. Until a point came where trying to start the system resulted in the standby light coming on for 1 second and then shutting down. The system would continue to try to start every 5 secdonds, but immediately shutdown. I tried all of the suggestions that are listed here, but nothing made any difference.

I then thought it might be due to a faulty component on the motherboard. I grabbed a hair dryer and started blowing hot air through the vents for a few minutes, being careful not melt any of the case. I then tried to start the laptop and... it worked. Well the system booted to the windows logon screen, then shutdown.

This confirms my suspicion, I will try to resolder all of the component solder joints in the area of the fan/heatsink to see if this makes a difference.

GPU and chipset are the main fault areas. You need to open it up and get rid of all the dust too.

I also have a Toshiba satellite laptop and it has a similar problem. It seems like my laptop turns on 1/100 times so I have to leave it on whenever it does miraculously turn on. I've had it for 4 years but it looks like I'll need a new one. 

P755-s5396 Pro line satillite. Is the membraneswitch defective.. need to get newpower membrane switch... and uppercase unit it glues into same unit keyboard ts in.. than ng os tpshina doesnt supply both parts to repair and want $250to to look at it. Both parts about $75the is dollar. Copprate dect lnown greed..

Corporate greed by Toshiba gold defect to satellite and other lines of computers. Will not supply the parts to do it yourselfsome but will charge you 200 and $50 a pop to look at it in more to fix it.. not good business..

toshiba satellite L300 When I plug in the AC adapter, the AC and charging light show GREAN ONE AND THE ORANGE ONE WHEN I PRESS THE POWER BOTTEN THE POWER NOT GOING ON PLEASE HELP ME

My satellite Pro L870 locked when I tried to reboot after loading some Epson slide scanner software. It had gone through all of the uploading and just had be be restarted for the changes to take effect. At the same time - and before restarting I also loaded up some Photoshop addons that came with the scanner. That also had to be restared to take effect. Tgherfroe when I tried to restart it was trying to restart two programs? In any case now it is locked so that it shows only two screens - one blank and one slightly brighter with the num luck button illuminated; it switches between these two displays every 4 seconds or so. Have I killed it?

Hello it wrked for me & makes a lot of sense if the screen is not coming on its for sure not gettn enough power to turn on I tried everything didn't wrk then I switched power outlets then POOF! it was rebooting

I have a p500 that runs pretty hard and I reboot it w and then just to let it clear it's head. I had it report a overload on a USB several days ago, not the first so I didn't pancic, but the usual rebooting didn't fix it. I have just turned it off and other that a not working USB it was running fine. It will not restart. I get a power light, have spare battery and get white lights up but everything simply stops when I press go. no fans no lights nothing. it is systematic of an overload but I have no idea why or how to fix it. I can get the lights back up by removing. the battery and supply and starting over.

I have my Toshiba satellite c660-2d8 just switch off when am busy play some music and won't turn on even the power lights just switch off even when i connect the charger and am just get frustrated I don't nw what to do

I tried many times pressing the power button for 30 seconds with and without battery, with power cable only etc. then I took battery off after all this tried and let the power cable connected. The power light was green. I leave it like that for several minutes, then I power on and it worked. Laptop turned on !

my toshiba satellite pro t130 when i turn it on it goes of without nodelay please help

MY toshiba goes when i turn it on

toshiba satellite l450d shows only charge light when i press pwrkey it will show power light but dosnt boot

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Toshiba Satellite A100–785 15V 5 Amp
After reading all the sites for help on this matter: PWR + Battery LED on but fails to Boot
Laptop will reset with battery out and DC volts not supplied. When PWR on button is pressed some indicators flash then shuts down.
After searching, reading and trying all the fixes as you do. Toshiba will not boot or power up in its many shapes and forms. This is what worked for me. But alas it may only work for the model above, You may wish to try it on your Satellite but read up and try to get a firm understanding of data sockets types for removal and you will require a jewellers set of screwdrivers, heat sink paste, possibly antistatic tape for cable hold down, a vacuum cleaner or a compressed air can and a small static free brush - all for a possible PC deconstruction. If you choose to proceed with the below procedures and you have the administrator’s password for the PC, it may be required and the XP Pro installation disks proceed, as you have nothing to lose and you would love to save the loaded programs. Otherwise before you attempt below, have on standby another HD and thoughts of a fresh install of WIN 7 if you have a killbit capable processor via Bios and you should look at purchasing the maximum amount of ram for your Toshiba configuration.
In this case Study: “As my refurbisher, could you possible do my love job.” And also “I’ve forgotten don’t know my administrator’s password.” In the end it did boot to hard drive but only after doing the item 1 below. It would load XP then "ntldr is missing press ctrl alt del to restart" Not sure of end result if you could repair from console or you have system recovery disks but good luck if you can save system or the old operating system loads up again fine. Whether it was moving the circuit board and/or the only solder joints I did resolder - the underside of the power plug supply cable socket which has a fine circuit line either side to pad from hole.

The rest do not even attempt to do “solder wave machines” used at point of manufacturing circuit board loading.
Heat damage to components will make the Mother Board majorly unserviceable!

I removed the SATA hard drive and placed it in a USB 2 dock to transfer data back after a new 1TB HD was installed and upgrading to 4GB RAM. + a fresh install of WIN 7 Ultra 32Bit installed on reconstruction.
“It may be far easier to buy a new PC and hope it last longer than your current system.”
After all other fixes failed.

1)  Remove battery, PWR supply and speaker top assy cover from under screen lift from the centre under keyboard then out to the sides. Remove the two screws from top side of keyboard and place in dish, remove keyboard and lift with care. Lift side holders on ribbon cable socket and remove keyboard. Replace the battery and PWR supply and see if your system will know boot the BIOS. If it loads and then shuts down after booting HD remove PWR supply and battery. Wait 10 seconds and replace battery press PWR switch and see if it boots from battery then fails at HD LED again. If so remove battery and refit and bottom out ribbon cable into socket and depress sides of holder.

2) Try and boot system again as above with the keyboard in. If the attempts fail as above its time for deconstruction of laptop. Remove battery PWR and all centre cables from socket holders across the cut out, layout and the video screen interface at top left. Take some pictures as you go for a reconstruction guide. Remove the screws marked B from back (15) and place in dish. Lift the two halves of Laptop apart starting in battery bay centre. Lift gradually by running finger nail along plastic seams to separate top side and screen to the side on table long enough for all parts. Remove the two screws at side of cooling fan assy and place in dish. Remove heat sink holding screws in the order engraved from the unit board, remove assy and clean off heat paste. Remove parts cleaning as you go, take your time with understanding of what you are doing. (I did not remove cooling system from processor but did unlock and relock with the locking stud control after cooling system fins vacuumed and brush out on reassembly. As per many posts “Give up it’s the Mother Board” and I agree not worth wasting your time unless you like the system. But also the posts “The Toshiba was fine before this happened re- non PWR up issues.” Thus my interest.)

3) Turn tray over and remove RAM cover insert. Remove RAM modules and RF cable plug at end of card and put parts on antistatic bag. Remove a very small phillips-head screw middle back holding CD/DVD unit and put screw in dish. Remove HD cover and slide HD to remove from SATA socket and place on table. Flip tray and remove very small phillips-head screw and cables at HD bay area at front place screw in dish. Slide DVD/CD ROM drive out of side and place on anti-static bag. Gentle remove on board side plugs past plastic sides and remove mother board. Clean and reassemble all components taking time to bottom out and lock ribbon connectors on reinstallation.
The laptop has been running for 9 hours without any glitches or booting on restarts and is just finishing updates.
If and when it may fail I will post the outcome and I really hope this has worked for you.

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Toshiba Satellite A100 PSAA9A-OCU004 - 15V 5 Amp - BIOS V1.7

After 19 hours of operation the system became very unstable and would try to roll back to a previous stable platform.

4) I found and loaded BIOS V5.9 XP/VISTA. I would advise others from the outset if running XP to do this, do not load Bios V6.0! This is only fully compatible with Vista-Win7 not XP. As per advice for model numbers at self-installing BIOS update web site. I would also suggest that this may be the issues with your operating system not booting to HD in XP installations as Toshiba has a failsafe to save your HD data on start-up thus the original problem: PWR + Battery LED on but fails to Boot. You may try to roll back in safe mode XP to see if it will boot to load BIOS V5.9 & Toshiba XP service station and Windows 7 upgrade adviser which will advise you of issues your system may have.

5) After updating to BIOS V5.9 the installation of WIN7 had issues I then tried boot system repair but the system still had many issues and then did another clean install. I used Toshiba tsi4win7.exe installer V1.0 with much success combined with hardware setup V2.00.04stv (Vista) I only upgraded to Bios V6.0 after all windows updates and system performance was obtained and stable. I have not upgraded to larger HD (1TB) drive as yet as I could not find the release notes for BIOS V6.0 but know of systems with 320GB installed. If you are in Australia, Toshiba here is of no use as support starts from A200 and up. Good luck and hope this has been of help. My customer is very happy 

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If you need to, open your Power Supply, and check the Capastiers, to see if any are broke, loose,

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It is an idea. But best to buy a new power supply that matches the system requirements. I tested both by using a regulated bench top supply unit set at operating system requirements to take out any confusion regarding posts: ‘Unplugging battery and supply only tests.’ I would not recommend attempting any repairs to sealed PS units. Above tests and system upgrades of Toshiba A100 - A150 had no influence on power supply or battery as both where new as supplied to me by customer and tested for 48hours resulting in top performance of both after system upgrade.

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I now have 3 of the above PC units for repair. Will keep you posted.

hi.. my sat. L310 only lights up but when after it attempts to warm up like all lights blink.. all lights go out, the screen only flickers without any display. can some out help me i have tried every manner on this post but none of them work..

If after holding down the power button for 30 seconds still didn't work so you have a hardware problem, no worry here is 2 Method explained to solve this Click Here

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