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Toshiba Satelite A100 - A105 Laptop
MODELS: PSAA9 - 0CU004 and PSB10U-SA10ES1
Bios 6.0B
Nvidia Driver 307.68
GO 7300 64bit
(NVIDIA's 307.68 driver for Windows 8.x. It is compatible with the Geforce 7300 Go and Windows 10 and with GeForce Experience dependant on Card for full operation)
Most of other repair laptops from above - failures came down to MB faults and 2 x LAN
Still have booting faults? Buy a new system or "Buy a replacement MB - Max The RAM and the Processor to a T2700 + maybe a larger Hard Drive - Buy Windows 10 Pro and load."
Success Path on above models: Windows 7 Ultimate - Windows 8 upgrade - Windows 8.1 and - Windows 10 - 32Bit software will all work on the above systems. Toshiba Value added pack needed for Windows 7 and for Windows 8 - 8.1 needs Toshiba Blue Tooth update driver.
Windows 10 loads direct from Windows 10 media creation tool - Update this computer - as auto download rejects compatable GO 7300 graphics. Windows 10 loads all operational windows drivers. Still some problems with Finger Print scanner Interface and you can Update to the above NVIDIA driver after Windows 10 installation but the windows driver works fine with GeForce GO 7300.
Enjoy and hope you are as "Impresssed as much as I am for a 2007 Toshiba Laptop working even faster with the latest Windows 10 operating system installed."

Hello, my toshiba satellite a11 , I did accedintly short circuit in the usb port, the laptop turned off and it desnot accept boot up again , I changed rams, hard, cmos baterry. Nothing chang , just the orange led flashing when I push the power switch no more no less

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Sounds like your MB is Dead. If it wont boot to Bios with no battery and HD installed your MB is shot. If you don't have recovery media for mother board replacement its time for a new Laptop. If you replace MB Windows may boot but you will be need to reactivate Windows software as new unique MB code will be registered.

toshiba laptop s are shit never buy any toshiba product they are all defected,and overpriced

Your problem is a simus battery worn-out. You can buy it at any Computer store. You just press F1 or F2 to boot up your desktop.

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Re: Alan 8
toshiba laptop s are shit never buy any toshiba product they are all defected,and overpriced

I tend to agree with you... Nice systems if you pick up one fully loaded with MAX system capabilities and you enjoy the keyboard ... Im do them up for kids with no hope of getting one... Either bios or MB seem to require a fresh in stall of Windows10... But MB seem to go default falesafe... prob more to save profit bottom line... But hey - "Would you say Toshiba's are fine for 3 - 4 years then are grief?? Then it all seem fine... Moores law aye?? LOL

Nice to think a PC would last longer than a MAC in four years....

"Windows10 - Rocks on old systems"


Your problem is a simus battery worn-out. You can buy it at any Computer store. You just press F1 or F2 to boot up your desktop.

Batteries are good but you dont need it to boot to bios... MB - Bios fault later model motherboards are way more reliable.

May you all be bleesed with Toshiba Laptop Heaven... after 10 years of feeling you belong and are as one with The Toshiba... :-)

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I hear what you say AdvancedSolution A100-A105 soldered battery cmos... Warning via bios enabled? Havnt come across it as yet...

Hi There,
I'm hoping you can help me with my problem? I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro300 Laptop which doesn't work anymore? I went out last Sat arvo closed it down like normal, Then went to get back on it Sat night and found that it's not working at all (Nothing)?Not only that but it's not charging no lights I'm getting absolutely nothing. Can you please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Kind Regards, Christine Young

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Hello Christine
I would check your supply transformer in the first instance. From memory - 19V 3.95A 75W Toshiba PA3715E-1AC3 or 19 Volts 4.74A 90W - many available on line. Your transformer should have details on it if genuine. If battery was running down Saturday as no power from transformer it may have coincided with you turning it on without enough power to boot up. I would also add a surge protection power board if not already installed for all PC items plugged into main power outlet. Your PWR and battery charge LED's should be on if your power adapter is working correctly. Avan

Thanks for replying! I got it to turn on; it was the battery. I did learn more about my laptop in doing some research.

i have toshiba satellite L500 when i plug in the charge led indicator turn on, when i press the power button the power led flash without powering the laptop on

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