Hey ive just got a new 80Gb IDE hitachi HDD. Now installing would be simple enough but, My primary HDD is a SATA HDD. I've read there should be no problem but i cant get my bios to pick up the new HDD. i've got a double IDE with DVD n CD and then a single for the new HDD. i've tried everything but cant seem to get the comp to pick it up. Can anyone help me?


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Check your jumper setting for the primary master and slave settings. That will help.

You may need to enable it.

On my dell (SATA/IDE) BIOS i get the options for:


by default only the SATA hdd and IDE cd drive were set to enabled

I'm using my HDD on a seperate IDE cable so slave/master doesnt matter. But iv'e checked anyway and no go. bought a new IDE cable too just too see. ive connected it to slave and master on my double IDE cable with CD and DVD on but no use. Ive tried to auto find and scan for new hardware but nothing will pick it up. It come on once as G: but as DVD RAM and i couldn't do anything and when i restarted and tried to check bios nothing was detected. Ive tried everything i can think of except expert help :(

Did you flash your bios before? If yes, go back to the previous version.

Did you flash your bios before? If yes, go back to the previous version. [/quote

You cant

I didn't flash my bios. I looked for a new versions but couldn't find. =[

Be sure the ide hard disk drive is spinning. If not, try powering it up with different power connectors.

Check the ide hdd into another computer.

Already tried other power cables. As far as i can tell it spins up and sometimes it shows up as G: but i cant access it :S ive tried the different jumper settings and still no luck. I dont have another computer to try it on but ill find one ^^

Thank you all VERY Much =]

try to connect it as standalone, just to see if the computer picks it up without interference. disconnect everything - sata and opticals, connect to both ide bays
if that doesn't help - replace the hdd

Try connecting it first in your computer. Set your new ide hdd as master in the primary controller and temporarily remove your sata drive then boot your system just to see if the bios detect your ide hdd.

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