I've recently had a random problem with my computer hanging in the POST, I eventually found a LED display on the motherboard and was able to match that configuration to the diagnostic LED function chart and found that it was hanging at " intializing the floppy drive controller". I disconnected the data cord for the drive at the motherboard and this seemed to have solved the problem, now several days later it has started to hang at random times again, but this time the LED display is showing random displays. Can someone please help me figure out what is happening here? As I understand it the POST involves the RAM, disk drive, peripheral devices, and hardware, where do I start to untangle this one?

Sound sliek a power issue.

Have your tried swaping out the power supply?

No, I haven't replaced the power supply. Why do you think it's the power supply, not that I doubt you...I just want to understand?

Just a hunch.. like you said the led was flashing about the floppy drive right.. ok so to me it seems like the floppy is not getting enough power.. so all it would take is another device on the system to use a little more juice and there she goes...

Like there is no way for me to test this theory obviously.. but I have dealt with many many many machines in my time and this sounds like power issue.

Rule it out by dosconnecting all devices other then hard drive graphics card.

See if system boots.

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