I have an ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium. After switching from IDE to SATA HDD, Windows started popping up with an error message straight on booting. svchost has tried to read/write to a memory sector and failed. I tried switching back to the IDE drive, and the computer refused to even go through POST. Ok, so I kept the SATA drive, and I could boot into Windows about 50% of the time. I thought it might be RAM issues, so I tried moving the RAm in the different slots, as I had it in dual channel. No POST, even with just one RAM stick in. It would only load when I had the RAM in the dual channel configuration. Ok, so I left it as that. No big deal, just so long as it worked, right? Well, yesterday, the BIOS refused to detect any drives. At this point, you can imagine my frustration. So I took everything out, and rebuilt the whole pc. And now, it won't even go through POST. I tried resetting the BIOS again, tried taking everything out and putting back in again, to no avail. There's power going through the computer, the cd drive opens, and I can hear the initial startup of the HDD. I can only guess it's the motherboard. Any ideas on getting it working again?

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My understanding is that if no POST then it is PSU, CPU or motherboard-related.

Before the event did you have any instances of blinking lights and intermittent fan spin during switch-on?

I've had that and it related to a progressive psu failure, which in turn began to affect cpu and motherboard.

It isn't related to drives, since you can get POST beeps even without any drives attached.

If you have any spare motherboard - cpu pairings it could be worth substituting to rule out the PSU.

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Before the event, everything worked to an extent. The psu workes fine, I took the cpu out and replaced it to see if that was the problem, but nothing changed, and I don't have a spare motherboard to test.

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