I am trying to retrieve data from my old c: drive. I have a SATA to USB adapter. If I connect the drive in windows xp it loops before the drive is recognized. If I run uneraser from a bootable floppy the drive is found correctly - serial number and all. there is a search function in uneraser which allows * as search name and, using that, I am able to see several directory entries before the drive loops.

The loop is 4 identical noises - something like a swiching sound - followed by a softer sound. I guess it is trying to seek to an invalid cylinder 4 times and then resetting. There doesn't seem to be any way to break the loop short of turning off the drive.

Is there any REALLY basic software that might recognize the loop and simply bypass the problem entry and go to the next one? Maybe even report what the problem is?

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some more info - uneraser also lets you search by sector number. using that feature I can access (I think) every sector on the HD, certainly the first, last and many inbetween. I gather from that that a directory entry has been messed up, but the drive is basically sound. Does that help anybody?

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