SNMP heating up - new unique problem...!!!

Hey wonderful people here,

A new problem....??????? and faced for first time....


Presently desktop having SNMP of 220 Volts (most probably) but the entire machine gets very heated too soon.

The engineer saw and said that change SNMP to 350 Volts.

My system configuration:

P4 3 Ghz
512 MB RAM
CD/DVD combo
inkjet printer


I actually fail to undrstand so much technical issues like volt

CAN ANYONE PLEASE SAY WHETHER I REALLY NEED TO CHANGE SNMP FROM PRESENT 220 volts to enginner suggested 350 volts...????????

Any idea / suggestion / advice...????

Its SMPS...sorry...

anyone willing to offer any help...?????

It's not volts, but watts. It's the amount of power the SMPS will be able to supply to your computer components. As computer components get more powerful, they consume much more power. Hence, your SMPS of 220 watts is not sufficient to keep your system running properly. Your vendor is correct about the fact that the machine is heating up due to a low wattage SMPS. This is because the components are drawing more power than the SMPS can supply. In the long run, this can lead to problems ranging from a burned out SMPS to a completely fried motherboard and processor. A 350 Watt SMPS is the bare minimum you need. I'd actually advise you to go for a 400 Watt SMPS. The cost is around Rupees 550 to Rupees 650.