I have a Toshiba Satellite P105-S6177 laptop that we bought late March/early April. Since getting it, I have used the drive MAYBE 5 times, the last time being 3 months ago easy. With that, I have no idea when it disappeared. I went to get some documents of a disc and the door wouldn't open, I noticed no light, so I checked device manager, no drive, rebooted and went into BIOS..again no drive. It has no power and doesn't exist. Having been opened 4 or 5 times and the care at which I take care of my computers, I'm baffled. This is my first laptop, so I'm scared to open it up without much knowledge, if it were our desktop I'd be in business. I called the support center and they're idoits who's only solution is to send it in. I would REALLY like to avoid giving up the computer at all. Not just for my internet addiction :P but I have ALOT of info on here I would rather not worry about anyone fishing through. If anyone could PLEASE point me in the right direction, it would be grrrrreatly appreciated. This was the fear I had of getting a laptop, I've only ever worked on desktops.

Just in case, I'll put all the info together here:
Toshiba Satelllite P105-S6177
Windows Vista Home Premium

I haven't done any major changes, it's never been dropped, haven't installed anything or anything of that nature. Our computers are our babies, so it's unlikely that it's a misuse issue. I just hope it's something simple..*cross fingers*

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Do something, take it to some experienced person and he'll do it. No need to take it to the care center or contact them, tell them its an emergency, go to them get it checked and get it back. I suggest the first option.


I should have posted something, but I fixed it about an hour after posting that. Found a site that gave step by step instructions, with pictures no less, of taking apart my exact laptop. I disect our desktops all the time, just with a laptop kinda the fear of the unknown. But all is good.

Can u link to that website?

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