Not sure what immediately happened when the problem first started because my wife was using the computer not me. As it stands now the power button on the front of the tower will not work. The only way to turn it off is to use the switch on the psu or to plug/unplug the computer. When I turn it on no signal is sent to the monitor thru either the analog or the digital cable. The cpu fan, psu fan, and case fan all come on just fine. It does not make any beeping noise. The mobo debug led says "f" and does not change from that.

I have switched out the graphics card with one that I know works and that made no difference so it isn't that. I also took the ram out and then put it back in, cleaned out what dust was in the case, and unplugged/replugged all of the connections i can see to the motherboard. None of that has made any difference. The monitor is powered and gives the no analog/no digital signal message before it goes into sleep mode. Any ideas would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance!

My specs are as follows:

evga nforce 4 133-k8-nf41
amd athlong 64x2 4200
2x corsair 512mb pc3200
pny geforce 8600gt
atx 450w psu
evga tv tuner card
nec dvd/rw

sound simular to an issue i had, check the connection from the power button to the mobo. then check the CPU, (if u have any other that will fit in the slot) if those check out then u have a busted mobo.