my system is windows xp professional. my mother board is an asus board with an amd 900 mhz processor chip. my problem is, that i have tested my floppy drive and the ide cables, and they all work, so i am left to believe that the floppy port on my mother board is gone. if any one knows any other solutions or has any other ideas please post a response.

If anyone has a definitive answer on this problem i'd love to hear it also!

I've found floppy drive operation under Windows XP to be a really troublesome area, when used floppies are installed. In all cases where I've had trouble getting a floppy drive to work, replacing the drive with a new one has brought positive results. In almost all cases where I've had the problem, the secondhand floppy drive has worked fine in a Windows 98 system!

Puzzling, to say the least.

Perhaps new floppys use a slightly different circuit revision. XP perhaps looks for better PnP info or something...

Who would want a floppy drive anyway? They're good only for small files, able to be read in all operating systems (but not all formats,) and convienent when you just need to transfer a document to another computer... (/rant)

If your floppy port on your motherboard is gone, you can get floppy disk controller cards to replace it with. However, if ports start to fail, that's an indication that the board may soon fail also.

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