Hi there,

I have a P4 3.2 mhz computer with USB 1.0 ports and WIN XP 2000.

I have been using my external usb storage drive for about 6 months and it's always worked fine. However, earlier, the storage drive started acting up with the following problems:

1. Whenever the external drive is plugged into a usb port (and the external drive is turned on), my computer beeps and recognises the new device (bottom right popup), however under 'My computer', the drive will not show up. After around 5- 10 sec, my computer will 'freeze' and all the actions I take do not respond (but i can still move my mouse). However, if I then unplug my external drive, then my computer comes alive again and all the actions that I took while it was 'frozen' are executed.

2. When I start my computer with the external drive plugged in (and switched on), my computer screen goes blank after 'Windows loading...". It will not reach the user account sign in page. However, if I then unplug the usb device (even without restarting), the computer loads windows loads just fine.

This has never happened before and I'm very concerned because I have some important data on my drive...Can someone please help?

Kind regards,

Hello Jessica, Welcome to DaniWeb !

There are two possible reasons which causing this Problem:
1: Attached USB to IDE chipset is Malfunctioned. (In External HDD)
2: Faulty USB Cable which connects HDD to Mainboard.

Try Replacing this both Items may it solve your Problem.