Ive just recently installed windows XP and starting to Install the drivers, and all ive done is my Graphics driver, then i came to my sonicfury drivers (frist off the CD, then tried the updated ones off the net) So now when I play any sound, it plays a high pitched distorted sound that repeats really fast. Ive tried disabling the onboard sound in BIOS but it still happens, and there are no conflicts showing on the hardware manager.

Computer Spec

AMD Athlon 1700
Sonicfury Soundcard
Chaintek VIA KT266A motherboard
GeForce 2 Graphics card

If you have any questions please ask



something like this happend to me, are the sounds quite or loud and distinct

Its like a loud screechy sound that is going really fast, but it varys wot is heard depending on what is happening

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