can u guys help me
what does it mean by the "ATX 12V"

I know ATX is the case type and i know 12 V is 12 volts but why is it there???

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ATX = Advanced Technology eXtended

For the 12V... either it is just some extra meaningless numbers or seriously impaired PSU.

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ATX form factor PSU.

i found out that the 12V means the highest volt rail in the psu.

Serunson, sorry to get back to you this late. For a good understanding of the difference in the types of ATX PSUs read this article. From what you having posted I suspect that you don't quite have a real concept of what this is actually about. The voltages of the different rails is part of it, but so are the newer connectors for specialized applications, like the square four pin connector for the CPU, or the six pin connector for the newer graphics cards.

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