I have a HP Omni xe3 notebook.

Laptop will not turn on at all, purchased new ac adapter and still nothing. Can some one help or refer me in the right direction?

Before this happened, I used the laptop about 2 or 3 nights before hand and it was working fine. I shut down the laptop and came back about 2 or 3 days later and nothing, no lights, nothing, will not turn on, I've already removed battery and tried to power it up with out it, but nothing.

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How old is it? I suspect the PSU (onboard) has died on you, the only solution is to replace the entire thing which is quite expensive. So your best shot would be warranty..

Before trying anything drastic, Try taking the battery out and turning it on with only the power adapter.

I have see a similar situation with a couple of Dell computers, remove the battery(s) plug the Laptop into the wall and try to turn it on.

May not work, but if it does it will save you the cost of the new PSU.

good luck!

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