hello i'm new here. i just have this problem with my pc where it freezes randomly, doesn't matter if it's in a game or while surfing the net, it just does. i had it checked before, where the freeze was accompanied by something in my graphics messing up (lines, weird colors, etc), or with my monitor "blinking" when i try to do something and then it'll just end up freezing; the technician said it was my video card and that it was loose. it worked fine for a few days. and then i had to leave my pc for vacation, and when i went back it made a beeping sound, and it worked again when i tried removing and replacing the video card. but now, it freezes again, but the graphics don't mess up anymore, but it still "blinks" sometimes. i restart my pc at this point, because i can't ctrl-alt-delete and my mouse and keyboard are unresponsive, but if i only do that, it'll freeze again after only a short time. what i do is i remove and replace the video card, and then it'll work for a longer time without freezing. but the fact that it still does is the problem. sometimes i end up removing and replacing my video card 3-5 times in a day, just because of the comp freezing. so yeah, it's getting pretty much of a hassle too :/

thanks in advance.

after you've run it for a while can you feel heat radiating off of the card itself? does the card have a heatsink and a fan?

sounds like heat but it could just be a general hardware failure. If you can borrow a card from someone and see if it works in the the motherboard.

be careful though because if your mobo is problematic it could harm the other card.

when i removed the card i didn't feel heat radiating off it, if that's what you mean. yeah, it has a fan, i don't know about a heatsink though. it happened again yesterday, and what i did was i removed the video card and installed it back in; the cpu itself i laid horizontally, though.

it's been a day, and, strange to say, there's been no freezes during that time period.