Ok i have had this pc for about a month its a

Advent T9317
Dual Layer DVD-ReWriter
Intel Core 2 duo processer e6300
250 gb hard disc (7200rpm)
1024mb DDr2 Memory

Ok the problem is everytime i try to watch a movies or clips on Windows media player after a certain around 7 mins in it just restarts my pc, it does it on most movies or clips but some work fine

Any idea whats the problem?


p.s (sorry if its posted in the wrong section im new xP)

Some ver. of WMP have a setting where it only plays a certain amout of time (preview) or a clip.
I'm assuming that you are using WMP 11 since you system is fairly new. WMP 11 had performance and other issues that I didn't like so I reverted back to ver. 10.
You're playing from DVD disc, yes/no?

Yeah i had some trouble with 11 so i reverted back to 10, Yeah if i play a dvd from a disc it will let me watch the whole of it, but if i dl a movie or clip it restarts after a certain period

(when i mean clip i mean a video that last roughly 20minutes)


Some clips aren't meant to last long anyway.
Unless you have full permissions, such as a movie that you paid for, then there's cause for further investigation, otherwise, it could be a means to limit your viewing because there is a fee and you didn't pay it or get full permission for viewing from source.

I see what your saying, but why would it restart my pc? thats what i dont get confusing xD


U didn't give a complete error code so I can't say with any degree of certainty.
Generally, it's probably that code is being put in RAM where it shouldn't be, the memory manager if nothing else fails and your PC crashes.
If you're not doing it already try these settings so you'll have more info to go on next time f/troubleshooting: Control Panel > System > System Properties > Startup and Recovery > Settings. Enable all defaults except Automatic Restart. Enable Small Memory Dump at least.
When or if it reboots and wants you to notify MS note the dir/folder where the info is being stored and using Explorer copy the entire folder somewhere else for your own reference cuz when you notify MS that same default dir will be deleted. The help panel that may come up probably won't tell you much most likely not a viable solution but it's worth a try, at least you be able to put your 2 cents in.