Hopefully someone can help me, Im picking my brain trying to find an answer. This morning I noticed that my computer had rest it self, didn't think much of it. However, when I went to play music using windows media player I had no sound.

The song looked like it was playing but no sound, I tested my speakers and they indeed work. Everything is hooked up right. Under the SOUND controls, in the "Playback tab" I have digital output device (SPDIF) selected. I can even see the cound bar next to it moving up and down as the song plays.

Under the "recording tab", which I don't think matters, I have S/PDIF-In selected, and finally I didn't touch anything in the "Sounds tab"

Can someone please give me a hand and let me know what the heck is going on? Thanks in advance.


I am running XP Pro x64 and encountered a similar problem after updating the drivers for my ASUS P5LD2 Socket775 MB. After entering the Device Manager, under my Sound, Video, and game controllers I saw my SB Live! 24-bit and also saw Realtek High Definition Audio. I disabled the Realtek and everything worked fine. I don't know what MB you have, but if there is a different device for it, you may want to try to disable it.