I have a inspiron 2200 i'm not sure what happen I had been online and went out of the room and went i came back in to get back on it i was off and wouldn't come on. i have other inspiron 2200 i have try its battary and hard drive and power supply nothing. I try the bad laptop hard drive, dvd burner, screen, battery in the good laptop and they work fine. i took his heat sink and fan in the bad laptop and the light came on for about 5 sec and then turns off. I have no idea what to try next if u have any idea please post and let me know. it does not show a light went plug in to show its getting power for the cord. but i try both cords. thanks for any help u can give me

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its possible you might have a static build up. to discharge the static you have to look on the bottom of ur laptop and see if their is a pinhole reset button, if yes you need to pull out ur battery and unplug you laptop then hold the reset button for 10 seconds. afterwards you may reinstall the battery and the power supply. i hope you laptop has a reset pinhole...


Just a quick thing that worked for mine surprisingly ahah a :) . Turn it on its screen while closed and give it a hit ( not tO hard ) it seems to work . It must shock it somehow :))

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