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As always I am very thankful for your continued help. Two months ago I bought a PC with Windows Vista. I wanted the Windows XP ready Vista but HP did not have it. Anyway, my HP printer is an Officejet 4315v all-in one, works at time, and at times it doesn't. When I need it the most it does not want to print. It's not the ink guys, trust me. This printer brought CDs for Mac, Windows XP and Vista. I have had to uninstall it at least 3 times and re install it again. I just don't know what is the problem. Can you give me an idea what to look for? I hate this Windows Vista but I'm stuck with it. I did the updates for Vista a few days ago. I also have an HP 3745 would this last one be compatible with Vista? I bought the 4315 because I wanted to have a machine that would be printer, copier, fax and scanner but I realize that sometimes some features may not work as well as you want them to. Please help me. This printer did not bring a manual so I have to ask questions to the internet many times. I can't print the manual because the printer does not want to print. Thank you all for your kindness in helping me. I will be waiting for your response. Have a great day!:confused:

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there might be a port conflict with another device. check your device manager for any conflict or yellow signs. this will give you a clear picture

I upgraded my acrobat adobe to a newer version, and it deleted my printer drivers from my machine. I had to contact MS and they had to rename some files. It still would act funny for a while, but I guess a MS auto update fixed it? Check your printer drivers and see if they are still there. If you have recently gone from Adobe v8 to v8.1, you may have an issue with the upgrade.

heres a link to the most up to date advanced software and drivers compatible with your printer and windows (spit) vista. http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechS...Item=mp-47767-1

if its a usb cable printer try a different port as i had a printer that kept dropping out and it was a fualty usb socket that kept shorting out.

You should have a pdf version of the printer manual which can be read from the screen of a mates laptop or somin..

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