Is there a special way to create a new programs folder in my d drive?
or do i just open it up and file new folder and name it?

also there is a folder titled 7bc51e291922987019c1aa8e with a text file in it. Is this important?

on your h drive, which i assuned is the slave.???? right the easiest way is like you said file new folder or u can creat from a DOS prompt. or from within a program. the directory with the loong number text is from runnig certain updates from microsoft. it can be deleted. the only purpose of it is to creat a log/time stramp of the opdate that was run. some time windows will not allow you to delete it. but if u can it will cause not adverse effect on your PC.

...but if u can it will cause not adverse effect on your PC.

What do you mean by will cause not adverse effect?

when windows run an update if it does not see the txt log it will do the update again, noting that will affect your pc operation. it should also be on the master drive on the slave u can definately delete it.

Ok thanks. So i created a program file folder in my D drive and i installed AIM 6.5 to see if it would ask which drive to install it on, but it did not ask me and automatically installed it on my C drive.

dont if u choose advance installation you should be able to point your programs to install in the directory you specify...... however, never create a program files directory, this will result in errors on your pc, and best practise is to have all programs install on the c drive, then you can configure the program to save any data on another drive. Some programs by default will not allow you to change settings.

Ok another person on here told me to create a programs file in the D drive so i did. How do i configure my computer to let me save data on both drives?

you would ahev to use a back up software for that. you would config it to do 2 seperate backup. for example do one back up at 4Pm on HDD D:\ (Folder name) and the next back up at 10PM on C:\(folder name).

PS you don't need to create 2 back up of the same thing in different place.

Personally i save every thing on my slave hdd, in the event i crash and have to do a clean install. the slave will be safe and have all my backed/saved data files.