I must have some adware or malware. Whenever I try to download something my computer tries to download and at the end it says 'virus scan failed'.
I tried running in safe mode with networking and still wasn't able to download anything to help me scan for adware. Turned off my Avast to see if that was interefering, but it didnt change anything. I ran Malwarebytes, but it found nothing.

Don't know how to proceed from here.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    gerbil, the link you gave me helped quite a bit. The first two suggestions didnt' work, so I moved to the third -- changing the registry editor so that my computer would temporarily not scan for visuses on download. That wasn't working while I was running Chrome, so I switched … Read More


So around this time you uninstall Avast (use the uninstaller from their website!) and then reinstall it if you so choose.
Any AV will automatically scan downloaded files (and also uploading files if you set it so), although some will delay the scanning of a downloaded file until it is accessed the first time.

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If I uninstall it, I will not be able to reinstall. I can download nothing. Nothing. I don't think it's Avast because I've had Avast on my machine for a long time and never an issue. My kids used my computer and now I can't download. I really think I have something that won't allow it.

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Yes, gerbil is on the mark. Avast is not helping you right now. If you do indeed have some sort of malware which is keeping your computer from downloading anything then your installation of Avast has probably already been compromised.

Try using a different browser first. If you only have IE on your computer, then use a different computer to download a browser that is compatible with your computer, like Firefox or Chrome. Put it on a USB stick, make sure to 'safely remove' it using the taskbar icon or file browser. Then plug the USB stick into your computer, move the downloaded file(s) to your computer and install them. If you can download files through your new alternate browser, you may have a problem with your browser's configuration. If that's the case try disabling all of your browser add-ons and extensions and you may be back in business.

Uninstall all of your antivirus software for the time being. Your problem could be with your antivirus software. If you currently have more than one antivirus program running your problem is very likely caused by antivirus software.

Yes, sometimes less is more. This is one of those cases. Multiple antivirus applications is a really bad combination in almost every situation. Unless you really really know what you're doing with multiple security programs, you are merely shooting yourself in the foot with more guns than usual.

If you wish to go the 'Safe Mode With Networking' route, here is the way to go:

You need to use a different working computer to download a fresh copy of Malwarebytes. Place it on a USB stick.

Uninstall Avast and any other malware/adware/security software that exists on your computer, including Malwarebytes. They interfere with one another.

Remove all of your USB devices (except for your keyboard) from your presumably infected computer before booting to 'safe mode with networking', otherwise Windows safemode will not boot in safe mode.

After you have booted into safe mode, connect your USB stick (and your mouse if that's something that you needed to disconnect) and move the Malwarebytes installer to your computer. Then install it.

As soon as you have installed Malwarebytes, you must update it. When the update is complete, run a full scan. A full scan will probably take hours, so find something else to do while that's happening.

If you find a bunch of nasty stuff, you may also want to find some sort of registry cleaning software as well.

If nothing comes up after the update and a full scan, your problems may have nothing to do with malware. Boot back into normal Windows and reinstall one and only one antivirus application. (Microsoft Security Essentials counts as one antivirus application) If you install multiple security programs, it is only a matter of time before they come into conflict.

Please come back and let us know what you find out about your computer's condition!


Thank you for the response.

I removed Avast using their uninstaller on their website. I always use Chrome, so I tried IE but still not able to download.

The Malwarebytes updated version didn't give me the choice of running a full scan like the older version used to. After it scanned it found 1 malicious item.

I still can't download anything. When I try, it looks like it's downloading, but when it finishes I still get the 'virus scan failed' on the download bar at the bottom of my screen.


This appears to be a Chrome issue, but Microsoft has a fix for it :http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883260
Somewhat involved, but if you follow the instructions carefully about editing the registry you should be ok. It's the User's hive HKCU that is involved, so there is reduced risk of jamming up your machine.


gerbil, the link you gave me helped quite a bit. The first two suggestions didnt' work, so I moved to the third -- changing the registry editor so that my computer would temporarily not scan for visuses on download. That wasn't working while I was running Chrome, so I switched to IE and was able to download. WOOT! I completely uninstalled Chrome and installed Firefox. All downloading is wroking fine -- no more errors.

Thank you SO much for your help!

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